I think I paid £599 it's also a size J and fits perfectly! A real surprise, I bought a pair of Iliana 18ct diamond earrings (trilogy style) in a clearance several months ago. I paid £350 for .9ct I was informed that each earring had about 0.6ct of diamonds and the centre diamond was about 0.30ct The diamond were rated at G VS1 The valuation is £2,200 What can I say, I am very pleased. I was told that TJC are the only TV channel that its safe to buy jewellery and the pieces valued today are lovely, well made and of a very high quality. I agree! The jewellery from this channel is superior to other channels for quality and value for money. Also your presenters are the best!

Kind regards

I have just had 2 diamond rings valued at my local jewellers and the value was 10 times what I paid for them. I also had 4 tanzanite rings valued and these were more than 6 times the value paid. Thank you TJC keep up the good work. I am now taking 4 sapphire rings and hopefully the valuations will be in a similar vein.


Thank you The Jewellery Channel for your fantastic jewellery.
I have today received my Iliana 18k White Gold Diamond Necklace, item: 590463, and WOW I love it. When I first saw this item I just had to have it.
I love your Iliana jewellery and would like let you know that I no longer bother to look in the jewellery shops. They cannot offer the choice and great prices that you do. I will always be a shopper of the Jewellery Channel.
Thank you again for producing such great jewellery, and I look forward to purchasing many items in the future from you.



I just had to contact TJC to let you know a Tanzanite & Diamond Ring I ordered from you three days ago has just arrived. When I opened the packaging I found a beautiful pink box with a ribbon on top. Then when I opened this box and the jewellery box inside this I couldn't believe what I was looking at. It is the most breathtaking Tanzanite and Diamond ring I have ever seen and I am delighted with my purchase. I have purchased Tanzanite from another jewellery channel, but it is nothing like the one I purchased from you. Your Tanzanite is far superior. The colour is more intense and sparkles a lot more. What's more, I purchased this ring for a bargain price in one of your Tanzanite hours. I am a totally happy bunny!

Many thanks TJC. I will definately be coming back for more.

p.s. Please give my regards to Dereck. He makes he laugh every time I see him on the tv.

Kind regards

Christine from Gillingham.

None of the other jewellery channels can compete at all with TJC, your quality and designs are much much better



I got a ring back from the jewellers this weekend that I had sent off to be valued. It was a Brazilian emerald cut Iliana 1ct emerald and diamond ring in yellow gold. I paid £199 for it. The woman in the jewellers was very rude and said that she couldn't do on the spot valuations but it was likely to be a created emerald for the price I paid: despite showing her the authentication card!

She annoyed me so much I was determined to prove her wrong, so I paid for it to be sent off and valued. When it came back with a value of £900 I was extremely pleased to be able to show it to her. I knew I'd got a good ring but I was amazed too.

Thank you
Paula from Cambridge

· Just wanted to say thank you for putting the earrings back on, my husband has bought them for me as it's our 34th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

Thanks Lynne XX

Thanks Guys
I've bought the ring, looks fabulous, I've been looking for a large diopside for ages, we had steak, chips and mushrooms with a homemade trifle to follow. You are all welcome to dine at my place.

· Hello, do you have any of the gold / diamond heart shaped necklaces that were on this morning? I love the jewellery I’ve bought from you before and have to say the quality is magnificent! I've previously bought a rhapsody octillion cut diamond ring, and a couple of weeks ago i was in Harrods London looking around the Tiffany jewellery shop, the assistant there had never heard of the octillion cut! I'm certainly sticking with you!

Many thanks

Ann, Birmingham

 We have just got back from a Cruise and whilst on board we were shown the best Tanzanite they had ...a 4 carrot stone costing $12500.00 then the assistant noticed Vanessa's Tanzanite and was amazed ,as Vanessa’s was 5.75 carrot bought from you and the quality of the stone was equal to theirs..if not Vanessa's was deeper and better. When she was shown the Paraiba tourmaline the girl was speechless...thought you would like to know

Dave and Vanessa